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One Final Thought...
...for 2007. If the Lord appears for His own in 2008 and you’re saved, have you given any thought to what you’ll leave behind after the Rapture? Most assuredly all of you own a vehicle and some a home which will be left unoccupied in the event of your disappearance. Those vehicles will be loaded with fuel and the homes with food. More than likely, barring the unforseen circumstance that they are destroyed in the immediate aftermath of a world gone mad after the Rapture, someone will put those vehicles and homes to use. So what if, just what if they were to climb behind the wheel of that vehicle or enter the front door of that home and find information for them to know what had happened to you?

Consider this: As we said on Divine Intervention’s Why It Will Happen page, those who have heard the Gospel and rejected it will not be given a second chance at salvation after the Rapture. Only those who have never heard Jesus’ offer of salvation, and possibly those who heard it but didn’t understand it, will have the opportunity to be saved during the Tribulation. For this reason, you could still be a soul winner on earth after your departing with Jesus to Heaven in the Rapture.

Leave information in the glove-box of your vehicle about what’s happened to you and how to be saved. Leave the same information in your home which could easily be found. Nita and I leave our Bibles sitting on a dining room table when we’re not using them and a ‘left behind letter’ could be left in your Bible. I’m sure many Bibles will be sought for answers to what’s happened when suddenly several million people vanish without a trace from the face of the earth.

Many Pastors have put together ‘left behind videos’ which are clearly marked with information guiding the reader to play it in the event of a mass disappearance of people from the earth. If you own a video camera you could do the same thing. Clearly mark it to be played in the event that millions of people have disappeared, and leave it laying near your video player or VCR.

Considering the calamity that will ensue when the Rapture takes place, what many are going to be searching for is more than likely food, shelter and information, and in that order. Why not take the appropriate steps to ensure that someone utilizing the resources you’ve left behind can find all three in one stop. Nita and I have a small pantry, well stocked for an emergency, that I’m sure will be put to good use. We never let the gas tanks in both our vehicles diminish to less than half-full, and no, we don’t have a sticker on the bumper that says ‘In case of Rapture this vehicle will be unmanned.’ Those that will be saved during Tribulation will understand what happened, and those who don’t didn’t want to understand in the first place...they thought they were happy enjoying their sinful lifestyle.

The most important thing to leave behind is that which should be easiest found: Your Bible and ‘left behind letter/video’. There’s going to be more people saved during the Tribulation than can be counted:

"After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands...These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb." (Revelation 7:9 & 14b KJV)

Even though there’s going to be at least 144,000 evangelists (Revelation 7:4) going about the earth spreading the Lord’s Gospel message during this time, would n’t it be wonderful if the testimony you left behind could be a part of that world-wide revival?

Christian websites such as Divine Intervention will cease to exist shortly after the Antichrist comes to power. They will immediately be outlawed as ‘hate sites’ since they’re not all-inclusive in their message of salvation. Even though we’ve taken steps to ensure that Divine Intervention’s domain is automatically paid-up in our absence, I’m sure the former scenario I mentioned will take place. So barring the Lord’s direct intervention in leaving it online, only print media such as Bibles will be available for the Truth. And those will, more than likely, be banned in the long term.

So take a few moments to jot down a few things that you can place in your glove-box and Bible for those fortunate enough to find them. I know gas is expensive right now, but try to keep from running the tank dry so as not to leave someone in dire need who could really use the help in your absence. And if it’s not too much trouble, buy a few packets of soup mix or a few extra canned goods to leave in the pantry. The life you touch with your generosity could be a soul the Lord rewards you for in the Kingdom.

But if you’re reading this right now and you haven’t given your life to the only one true God of the universe, I want to make you an offer. Lord Jesus is coming, and if you don't know Him as your Lord and Savior, things are going to get bad for you...very, very bad.

First, He's going to remove from the earth all those who have placed their faith in Him for salvation, then, He's going to pour out His wrath on all those who refuse to accept Him for who He is...King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

So I'll leave you with this invitation: Please, please, please. I'm begging you. I implore you. I'm asking you to simply do this one thing. Get down on your knees and ask Him to save you. Just tell Him you believe that He died for your sins and that God raised Him from the dead; That you know you're a sinner and want His forgiveness; That you confess Him as Lord and are asking Him to come into your life and be your Savior. Then, thank Him for saving you, because if you asked Him to and you meant it, He has. I spell all of this out on The Truth and Salvation pages, so please, go check them out.

Till we talk again, or until the Lord comes to take us Home, to all who read this:

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." (2 Thessalonians 3:18 KJV)




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