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A Christmas Prayer

'Twas the night before Christmas I did bow my head

On bended knee alongside my bed.

I offer this prayer in whisper, not shout,

I know it is heard, I haven't a doubt.


A request to you Lord, whose Name is so fair,

This world is so bad and we need You down here.

I remember Your beckon, Your call and Your plea,

Come all who are burdened, just come unto Me.


But there are so few that have heeded Your call,

Their hearts are so hardened they've put up a wall

Of pride and of lust and all manner of sin,

At Your offer of life, they do nothing but grin.


So hear my prayer my Savior and Lord,

For we who are saved speak in one accord.

We're waiting and watching, and no more to roam,

Please break through the clouds and come take us Home.


Merry Christmas and happy new year to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, and may 2006 be the year He does call us Home.

In His name, amen.




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