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The Witness of the Spirit
A few weeks ago, I arrived at my doctor's office in another city for a routine exam. After a few minutes in the waiting room, I was called in by Susan (not her real name), my doctor's new nurse. Susan informed me that the regular nurse had resigned to get married, and she would be taking her place.

I had never met Susan prior to this day, so for a few minutes, we exchanged only small talk and pleasantry's during the pre-exam that she performed. Afterwards, she said the doctor would be by in few moments, and she excused herself.

After the doctors exam, Susan re-entered the room and said if I would proceed down the hall to the nurses station, they would set up my next appointment. I thanked her and started to leave the room.

At this point, she takes my arm and says, "Keith, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Of course", I replied.

"You're a Christian, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes, I am!" I said.

Throwing her hands in the air, she says with enthusiasm, "Oh, I just knew it! The Spirit just told me!"

To which I eagerly replied, "Then that makes you my sister!"

A huge smile breaks across the face of this young lady as she answers, "Yes, yes I am!"

I told her she had to come to the waiting room and meet my wife. I called Nita to us, both Susan and I standing there with smiles on our faces. I introduced Susan to Nita as our sister in the Lord, and told Nita what had happened. They shared an embrace, tears welling up in their eyes as we all relished in this incredible moment our wonderful Holy Spirit had Divinely provided.

Nita and I praised Father and thanked the Holy Spirit all the way home that afternoon. After calling a dear brother, who is a Pastor, and telling him the story, he immediately pointed me to this verse:

"The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:" (Romans 8:16)

The Holy Spirit will Divinely identify one Christian to another, so that we can not only know we are His, but we can also know who is our brother or sister within Father's family. I don't know why the Holy Spirit led Susan to this identification that day. Possibly, time is growing so short, that He is beginning to reveal one to another as the Church is being gathered.

I don't know why it happened...but I praise God, my Father, that it did.




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