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Because the majority of the world has rejected Jesus God will pour out His wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth after the Rapture. God's wrath will consist of several events called judgements. There will be three sets of seven judgments making a total of twenty-one events involving earthquakes, famine, pestilence, war and much, much more. Here are the judgements of the Tribulation:

The Sealed Scroll

First Seal - Antichrist is revealed - Revelation 6:1-2

Second Seal - World wide war - Revelation 6:3-4

Third Seal - World wide famine - Revelation 6:5-6

Fourth Seal - Death of one-fourth of the earth's population - Revelation 6:7-8

Fifth Seal - Tribulation martyrs in Heaven - Revelation 6:9-10

Sixth Seal - Universal upheaval - Revelation 6:12-17

Seventh Seal - Proclamation of the coming trumpet judgements - Revelation 8:1-2

Trumpet Judgments

First Trumpet - One-third of earth's vegetation destroyed - Revelation 8:7

Second Trumpet - One-third each of earth's seas polluted, sea life killed and ships destroyed - Revelation 8:8-9

Third Trumpet - One-third of earth's fresh water polluted - Revelation 8:10-11

Fourth Trumpet - One-third of the sun, moon and stars darkened - Revelation 8:12

Fifth Trumpet - Earth's inhabitants tormented by demonic invasion - Revelation 9:1-12

Sixth Trumpet - Death of one-third of the earth's population - Revelation 9:13-21

Seventh Trumpet - Proclamation of the Kingdom of God - Revelation 11:15-19

Bowl Judgements

First Bowl - Sores on the worshippers of Antichrist - Revelation 16:2

Second Bowl - Remainder of earth's seas turned to blood and all sea life killed - Revelation 16:3

Third Bowl - Remainder of earth's fresh water turned to blood - Revelation 16:4-7

Fourth Bowl - Sun's heat intensified to scorching - Revelation 16:8-9

Fifth Bowl - Darkness and pain upon Antichrist's kingdom - Revelation 16:10-11

Sixth Bowl - Euphrates river dried; World-wide military forces gather at Armageddon - Revelation 16:12-16

Seventh Bowl - World-wide earthquake and giant hail - Revelation 16:17-21

The first event of the Tribulation, signified by the opening of the First Seal shown in the chart above is very important. It's the revealing of The Antichrist upon the inhabitants of the earth...

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